Eugene Yu's American Dream Plan

Smaller government
The federal government has overgrown its original purpose one hundredfold. It has its hands in the lives of every single American, reducing our ability to freely innovate. By cutting back on the federal government's over-regulation, we promote small businesses and people's individual American Dreams.

Balanced budget
The federal government's spending is out of control. With a rising national debt that no career politician dares to reduce, we must take action. Ensuring that the budget is balanced is the very first step in reducing our national debt to stabilize our future.

Lower Taxes
By balancing the budget using cuts to overgrown federal agencies, we can afford to lower taxes on average Americans. These average Americans can more effectively use that money than the federal government to promote business and improve our standard of living. The less the federal government needs to do, the less it needs to work with.

Fair Trade
Free market capitalism is based on competition. By promoting fair and free trade, we promote the most efficient businessmen and make our country stronger by reducing costs. Protectionism of local industries doesn't serve them well when they eventually get outdone by someone more efficient elsewhere.

Term limits
We shouldn't have career congressmen who haven't lived an average citizen's life in years getting to run everything. By limiting the number of terms, we can make sure that congressmen have to actually have been a regular citizen recently. This will not only reduce corruption but also promote fresh ideas.

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