Eugene Yu's American Dream Plan

Smaller Government
Our huge government bureaucracy is unnecessary and hurts economic growth.  Our Founding Fathers understood that the job of the Government was to protect its citizens and their rights, not intrude into private lives. Many government regulations stifle business, and I will work hard in Washington to remove the redundant and pointless barriers that impede starting and growing small business.
The Federal government itself is too big.  Every year its budget continues to grow, and so does our national debt.  We must put a stop to this for our children’s sake.  Many government programs are redundant and essentially do the same job, just through a different department.  President Trump recently ordered a complete audit of the Pentagon for this reason.  Not only do I support him in this, but I would go further and have a comprehensive audit of the entire Federal government and its spending.  I believe that any spending not beneficial to the American taxpayers should be cut.

Balanced Budget
Our national debt is over 22 trillion dollars and growing every day.  It is of paramount importance that we arrest this growing problem and begin paying the debt down.  I believe in a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.  Under my plan, the government should be revenue neutral while beginning to pay down the debt at 1% of yearly GDP.  We will do this until the debt is paid off.  Once we are out of debt as a country, that 1% will go towards the “rainy day fund,” which we will collect until there is a year’s worth of spending saved.  This is strictly reserve money, to be used in case of war or natural disaster.
In order to balance the budget, government spending will have to be reduced.  With my plan for smaller government and fewer regulations, the country should see small business growth take off.  There will be no need to raise taxes to pay off our debt because businesses will be doing well and employees will be making better wages, and that means that the total taxes taken in by the Government will grow - without having to raise taxes at all.

Lower Taxes
When the Balanced Budget becomes a reality, we can give tax cuts to hard-working middle- and working-class Americans.  With Big Government out of their daily lives, I believe these families can decide for themselves the best way to use that money.  President Trump proved this when he signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Over 80% of middle-class families got tax relief, and small business owners saw tax cuts of 20%.  After this act went into effect, the economy roared back to life and has continued to show rapid growth.  As an advocate of lower taxes for middle- and working-class Americans, I support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and I supported the President as he pushed this bill through Congress.

Fair Trade
NAFTA was negotiated during the Clinton years and has been a disaster for our country.  As a result of this deal, the United States lost millions of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars.  Since 2013, I have been calling for dropping NAFTA and replacing it with a deal that benefited America first, and that’s exactly what President Trump did.  As your congressman, I will work with the President to make sure that our trade deals around the world are fair to us.

Term Limits
Term limits would change the landscape of Washington immediately.  New faces would bring new ideas to the political arena.  No longer would there be the “career politician,” who was elected at an early age and has no idea how life works out in the real world.  I am committed to term limits for members of Congress and will call for an amendment that codifies Term Limits into the Constitution.

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